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Bombay Baja provide a variety of workshops for schools, festivals and corporate clients. The workshops can be carried out by all or part of the band and dancers can also be included.

The structure of the workshops usually includes:
  • Introduction and history of Bombay Baja
  • Talk on Indian history, culture and the Bollywood film Industry
  • Audio and visual Presentations
  • Demonstration and talk on Indian and Brass Instruments
  • Interaction with participants
  • Finale with performance by Band
  • Participant Questions
Educational Workshops
  • Promote Cultural Awareness and understanding
  • The workshops can be combined with different parts of the national curriculum including
  • music ,religious studies, history, drama  and language studies
  • Can be followed by final performance by band and participants
Festival Workshops:
  • Audience participation
Corporate workshops
  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Confidence Building
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Tel : 07710 040 183
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